MusicNL Week Conference Sessions

MusicNL is pleased to announce the conference sessions for MusicNL Week 2018 in Twillingate!


The MusicNL Week conference serves to provide an opportunity for professional development for artists and music industry professionals in Newfoundland and Labrador. The sessions intend to address the specific needs of the local music industry, and provide a community-based environment for members to share and hone their professional skills.

In keeping with the theme of digital export, conference sessions will be held on synchronization licensing, composing for film and television, and revenue streams and licensing for recorded music. Other topics being discussed at various workshops and panels during the Week include graphic branding, radio play, social media marketing, contract law, stage psychology, mental health and international festival touring.

Pre-registration now open for Destroy The Stage  and Social Media Marketing audits!

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Social Media Marketing – Facilitated by Chala Speciale

Join social media strategist and artist Chala Speciale of digital creative agency Super Social in this workshop designed specifically for musicians and artists looking to launch their online presence. You’ll come away from this session with the tools and methods to brand yourself, and to easily manage and grow your social media presence while still being authentic. Not your average workshop, this session includes an audit of your existing social media presence with specific, personalized feedback on how to refine YOUR use of the most valuable marketing tool available to you. Pre-registration required for audits.


Destroy The Stage – Facilitated by Luther Mallory

The purpose of the Destroy the Stage workshop is to challenge the comfort zones of the artists involved and push them past self-consciousness, where the real truth in performance exists, and where the audience begins to connect. This workshop is about participation, engagement and breaking down the fear wall. This workshop begins by discussing opportunity and expectation. Luther speaks with the artists about performance fear and how this negative mindspace affects their chances of achieving success in the music industry. Luther asks, “is your fear of rejection greater than your desire to succeed?


It’s Mental presents: Mental Health in OUR Workplace – Realities and Resources for Today’s Artist

From late nights on stage and in the studio, to the long roads of touring, our members experience the many struggles that come with forging a unique professional path. It takes a lot to grow success in any creative industry and we know the mental health realities that come when facing many uncertainties. Luckily, there are places to turn and the resources that are reaching more artists who need the help.

Join us for an eye-opening discussion about Mental Health realities and resources that exist in our industry – with questions pre-submitted by our very own members, so all can listen and learn in a relaxed environment.

Featuring the unique perspectives of Juno-Award Winning Singer/Songwriter and Mental Health Advocate, It’s Mental founder Amelia Curran, and Media Manager turned Psychologist and Dana Warren, BSW, MSW, RSW certified life coach and registered therapist who co-developed the free and accessible drop in counselling program at the St. John’s Women’s Centre, this interactive hour will be live cast via Facebook and facilitated by Creative Director of Dc Design House and Co-founder of It’s Mental, Don-E Coady.


Touring The US, Recording At Home – Facilitated by Liana White and Allistair Elliot, AFM/CFM

Touring the US or recording at home, we’ve got you covered! Come learn what you need to know to tour the US legally, as well as revenue streams and protecting your recording… And we’re talking big bucks, not pennies!

Booking a U.S. tour the right way takes time and research. The process and paperwork involved in crossing the border can seem daunting. This panel will provide a frank review of the process, including discussion of current requirements, fees and other related elements to legally perform in the United States. The information provided in this discussion will help you manage the time needed, and provide solid guidance to ensure you can successfully bring your music to U.S. audiences.

Before you release your recording for sale, do the correct paperwork to register the recording, and all musicians who played on it for additional revenue. Protect yourself!! Paperwork takes time and preparation, however pays dividends in the long run. Educate yourself on how to take advantage before you release your recording for sale. Digital or hard copy!


International Touring – Facilitators tba

While many of the same principles apply to touring abroad and at home, there are also significant differences to be considered. From research to strategizing, attracting an agent and building a team to securing gigs and selling tickets, there are many factors involved with successfully taking your music to the world stage.


Get It In Writing: Understanding Contract Deal Points in the Music Biz – Facilitated by Matt Gorman

Written contracts are key, simple as that. Intimidating as they can be, you’ll come across them at every turn in the music business.Join Halifax-based lawyer Matt Gorman as he deconstructs the almighty contract. This session will help you understand the benefit of getting the important stuff in writing when it comes to recorded music, live performance, your professional team, and more. Helping you understand what it takes to negotiate the best deal (and know a bad one when you see it!), Matt will help to lay the foundation of contract basics within the music industry.


Synch 101 – Facilitated by Mikaila Simmons (instinct entertainment) and Kyle Merkley (Arpix Media)

Got questions? We have answers! By answering questions like “what does music licensing mean?” “what exactly gets licensed?” “who owns what?” “who gets paid and how?” and “do I have to do it all myself?” our expert panel will help you understand this highly lucrative and intricate part of the biz.


BRANDCAMP: Look as good as you sound – Facilitated by Jud Haynes

Having the right look to represent your music could be the secret ingredient to reaching your dream goals.

In this talk, graphic designer Jud Haynes (designer for Blue Rodeo, Bahamas, Hey Rosetta, The Once, and dozens more), will reveal his do’s and don’ts when crafting a brand for bands – album covers, logos, tour posters, merch, and social media. Through stories and examples, Jud will tell his journey of design and music, playing bass and releasing albums with his own bands, touring, winning awards, and now helping others do the same.


Composing for Film and TV – Facilitated by Rozalind MacPhail and Adam Foran

Join established local film composers Adam Foran and Rozalind MacPhail as they break down their creative process and demonstrate the equipment / resources they utilize for effective scoring and music placement. Participants will emerge with a better understanding of film scoring techniques, industry trends and career opportunities within the field.


Creative Interactive Rhythm Event – Facilitated by Tom Alteen, Musubi Drum Circles

Musubi’s mission is to connect people by facilitating drum circles in the community as meaningful, entertaining, rhythmic, and relaxing social forums.

All of us have likely at some time or another heard and enjoyed the beautiful chimes and bells from public clocks and churches.

Imagine, if you will, chimes and bells having in the background foundational hand-percussion rhythms and being embellished by participants improvising as the experience evolves.

How can this happen you may ask? Being a professional drum circle facilitator, Tom Alteen will seed with rhythms and will sculpt the sound (much like an orchestra conductor) to give the attendees a creative rhythm experience. Chimes and bells will resonate on cue over the background of foundational and improvised rhythms.


Pedal Steel Guitar Workshop – Facilitated by Chris LeDrew

Known primarily as the emotive string instrument heard in classic country music, the pedal steel guitar has always been considered a mystery by many musicians and music lovers – a complex machine consisting of levers, pedals, and rods that often leaves people scratching their heads wondering, “How does this thing work?” However, the sounds that emit from the instrument when in the hands of a knowledgeable player can be powerful and haunting all at once. Attend this seminar and learn up close and firsthand how this instrument works and how it is used as an accompanying instrument in multiple genres of music.


Radio Play How-To For Artists – Facilitated by Danielle Butt (OZFM Jigs and Reels), Jeff Reilly (CBC Music East Coast Music Hour) and Bill Roach (CBC East Coast Music Hour)

Join members of the national and local radio industry in this session that will introduce you to the mysterious ways of radio play! Hear their perspectives from different regions as they discuss what catches their ear when seeking content for their radio shows. Here’s your chance to ask the burning questions you have about getting your music on the radio – how to market yourself, how to make the connection, and how to pitch yourself as a contender for that precious airtime.


Diversifying Revenue Streams – Facilitated by Rozalind MacPhail, Rodney Murphy, Tim Hardy and Dan Rubin

Publishing, streaming and royalties, how do you make money in the music industry? This session will delve into the passive ways artists can earn money without leaving home. Presenters will explain the income sources which musicians can access. Organizational representatives will show you how to log live performances with SOCAN, register mechanical rights with CMRRA, the basics of sync licensing and neighbouring rights in recordings. Presenters will also explain the details of the AFM Special Payments Fund as well as streaming and downloading royalties.


Diversity Forum – Faciliator TBD

Representation of women and racially diverse populations is unequal in the music industry of Newfoundland and Labrador. In recognition of this, MusicNL and the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Arts Society (have partnered to present a diversity forum for festival and music presenters in conjunction with MusicNL Week 2018. The forum will focus on advancing diverse acts during festivals and performances in the province.

The goal of the diversity forum at MusicNL Week 2018 will be to create a discussion about how to encourage presenters to book more diverse populations with a highlight on women and indigenous artists. Participants will engage in an exercise to evaluate the inherent bias of presenters, and a working group will be established to formulate goals that festival organizers and other presenters can strive toward to create more diverse and representative programming in the music industry throughout the province.


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